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Some of the Coaching Testimonies With Coach RD

My business has gone to the next level financially, spiritually and socially. Form learning why people buy I have been able to analyze customers and understand why they come to me for their cakes and how I can provide better service to them aside from the cakes and desserts they order, I have forged friendships with many customers as I see them as more than customers. I now get more referrals which has translated to increased sales. I have started working on building processes and structures even though it is still a one man business but plans are in place for the future!

Adebisi S

Prior to the divine meeting with coach Remi Dario, my life and my business has been semi non-existent, I was barely surviving , I got jobs has a caterer albeit small but I wasn’t satisfied or happy at the end of each job, I couldn’t even put together a proper expenditure, so my profits often gets lost on the way. My dream and vision of my business was only in my head, didn’t have the drive, knowledge or mental capacity to make these dreams,
After Coaching session with Coach RD, it is safe to say that I can stand on a stage and give list of testimonies on spiritual growth, purpose finding, business growth, self esteem to mention but a few. It won’t be farfetched to say that by these coaching sessions, I have been equipped way beyond I can even know now, but it’s going to make me ready for the opportunities, challenges coming my way in the not so far future!

Anu O

My experience in the coaching program was a wow for me , I had so many ideas but didn’t know how to start, the program showed me a path way on how to go about it, likewise the program birthed new ideas in me that I have started working on like consulting for people who are on a transition from career to business.

The coaching program also helped me built on my image, before I really didn’t bother on what I wore and how I looked but after meeting my coach, now am conscious of the way I look!

Glory E

At my first one on one with coach, another light shone on my heart and that has brought me into another desire entirely. Some years back I felt I can do something about packaging our local food one to make it available throughout the year and two to make our local food available also for those that our staying outside the country.
In the cause of this coaching session my heart has begun to pant towards this food packaging and my business plan is already package for same. I will be attending a training session with FIIRO by March ending that will take care of technical skills needed to start up. I might not have recorded increase in physical sales but I am very loaded to take off.

Kemi F

When I came to the Coaching program, I was actually at a crossroad. I wasn’t sure whether I was in the right business or not. I was unhappy in my state of mind. I was emotionally disconnected.
But the coaching session, I have spent with coach as improved my life. I was able to know and realize that for me to do well in my business; I have to have a balanced emotional life. With pointers from coach how to put this in practice and this greatly improved my personal life and then started focusing on my business. My state of mind improved in many ways, though I still working on it.

Abimbola A

My business before the coaching was not so good, there has not been much sales, I had thought of closing down the business. We have the challenge of raising funds, we do not have professional business plan to access fund from financial institutes. No proper business structure on ground. We do not know anything called (PRISM) Related Products, Primary Products, Information, Service and Money. We do not know how to dissect our customer, we know nothing about them we just sell products to them.

But now the business is doing great, we sell well. I no longer have reason to close down the business any longer, I have so many reasons to continue, I see the future /opportunities that the company has. I happy running the business, the challenge to raise fund is no more their because I have a proper business plan, which will be acceptable anywhere I take it to and I will be able to get fund for my business.

Anu S

From the coaching session, I’ve experienced a paradigm shift. Through your one-on-one meeting , you’ve inspired in me so many ideas for my business. Your continuous push has resulted in my implementing so many changes in my business.
Because of this coaching session with Coach RD, I was an to win the Cherie Blaire/Exxon Mobil scholarship for women in business.

Aghatha A

The number one thing the coaching program did for me was to believe in myself and know the potential in me through the personality test we did, sir the test has helped me a lot to know how to Live my life and also to work upon my weak points, and concentrate on my strength, time I see myself going of track, I just go back to the test result and read it again and then implement what I read and believe you me sir, am becoming better day by day for it especially in my dealings with others.

Secondly, I learnt about related product which is an eye opener for me, cause I now know other things I can do apart from just crop farming, I also learn about the spiritual aspect of business, the productivity wheel help me to harness and use what I have but I don’t know I have them before, I now know what to look out for when employing staff and why some of my staff behave the way they do and also what to do to put them in line ,and also what structure or nature I want my business to have and also the spiritual impartation which cannot be quantified but made me a global ambassador. My life and business can never be the same again!

Patricia M

My 1st personal coaching session with Coach RD blew my mind and gave me a much broader perspective to my business. I saw my business through his much wider and deeper lenses and it gave me hope. I met him at a period that I was getting tired of business with its ups and downs and its “monotonosity” and I just needed a breath of business fresh air

During my coaching with him, I learnt that my business has a spirit and I should groom it up spiritually. I learnt that if you can dream it, you CAN have it. I learnt that I can be a professional Christian global Entrepreneur taking over territories. I also learnt to view and categorize my goods based on the values they bring.

Omotola L

I found glance in my work/life and spiritual journey, most especially Spiritual because that seems to be the most focused area for me. Also, I was able to define my purpose thereby, finding happiness and getting fulfilled.
Now, I can boldly say that I’m on the part to fulfilling and accomplishing purpose and greatness.
The coaching period has also helped me to meet other people, blend in and tolerate some…generally I did find a balance to all.

Modupe A

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