Making Good Impression In Your Next Job Interview

Making Good Impression In Your Next Job Interview

Getting job requires skill and appropriate knowledge. When going for any job interview, you must be able to make a great impression on the interviewers. No matter what job you desire, you must be able to create an impression that will give you edge in getting what you want. The following are the tips that will help you to create a great impression in your next job interview.

1. Dress Well

Your dress has a lot to do with you finding your desired job. You may be surprised that just bad dress can make you to lose that dream job. Dress the way you would love to be addressed. Dress for the future, dress for where you are going, dress for the future job as though they have taken you! Don’t wear casual dress or any cloth that is not good for the workplace rather wear the kind of cloth you would wear to your future office. Let the interviewers see you in the right picture of the job you applied for.

2. Be Punctual

Never be late to arrive at the interview venue. You must at least get to the venue 30 minutes before the interview session. When you come early to the interview, it makes you relax and confident to prepare for the session. When you come late to interview, you could be under tension and unprepared, this may affect you greatly when you are called in for interview. Remember your preparation is key to your delivery!

3. Don’t lose your confidence

Friends, one of the most important attitudes that can earn you your dream job is be confidence. Your confidence show the way you answer questions, the way your voice sound and so on! You must be confident of what you have to offer, so the undertone of confidence is value. Please note that overconfidence can ruin you on interview table. Do not chew gum or eat sweet in front of the interviewer this may cause you great deal!

4. Ask Right Questions

Towards the end of interview, the interviewers may ask you to ask them any question. You must be able to make use of this opportunity by asking right questions! Some of the best questions that you could ask include the following:
• How does the organisation show that it values its workers or employees?
• What do you expect me to do in order to help your company achieve its goals?
• What are the challenges that I might face in the job if hired?
Please be careful not to ask questions related to payments or benefits as this might show how greedy or money-hungry you are.

5. Show Appreciation

Never leave the interview table without appreciating the interviewers! This attitude can give you edge and good image for your personality. Even when it seems that you did not do well in the questions asked you can use the tool of appreciation to turn around the table. You can show courtesy by giving them a firm handshake and saying kind words such as “Thank you,” “I am much obliged,” or “I would be glad to hear from you again.”

Remi Dairo
President School of productivity
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